Dating Online Safety

30th January 2017

We’ve all heard the horror stories. When we connect with people online a lot of us often put our trust into the other person. BEWARE! Of course we aim to make your dating and connecting a safe, comfortable experience; but you too must take precautions. At the end of the day, what good is dating with no caution? Especially if you end up being stuffed into a trunk with a gem lettuce stuck in your mouth to keep you quiet. The number one thing to look out for when surfing the net is scammers. They lurk amongst the shadows of the internet. It makes no difference what kind of site it is. Therefore when you see the following signs; WARNING! WARNING! Be smart and be careful.

Love at first “site”. Claiming to love you right away is a ploy. You don’t know each other well enough having met minutes ago – not even in person but online. You often miss a lot of things, such as body language, online. Which is a problem as it helps towards gauging how you feel about a person. So don’t get caught up!

Money grabbers. Some may ask for money; when this occurs it’s a straight “no”. KaleDate is for DATING – it’s in the name. We also understand people like to look for friendship which is why we have the option. Yet “lending” money is a whole other level of said friendship. That’s just my two cents.

The Catfish. Refusing to meet face-to-face or talk on the phone is well practiced by these fakers. There was a whole television programme and movie on this. Out of the tens of millions of people dating online there’s bound to be a fake profile somewhere. These people lure others into relationships and use you for emotional or financial support. It often ends negatively for the “one on the hook” ending with heartbreak or loss of money in the bank.

Product peddlers. These people attempt to sell you products or services. Once again this is not a site for doing business. You may be approached by someone who wants you to invest in what they’re doing or buying a product they control. They are after what’s in your pocket not in your heart, I’m afraid.

As the online dating stigma decreases more and more people flock to the internet to find love. With this come opportunists. But don’t become jaded! Just report these people and move on because there is bound to be someone out here for you. This topic is not vegan specific HOWEVER it’s something that needs to be said.

Koro Lopez
PR Manager

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