Profile Spring Cleaning

17th April 2017

The first day of spring has come and gone! Which means, my flowers, you are late to the bloom if you haven’t reflected on your profile yet. It’s time to spring clean your personal page. I have broken it up into three categories which you can take a look at and spruce up.

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It's OK to stalk your date in 2017?

27th March 2017

Allow me to let you in on a little secret. One of the things that cause the greatest downfall for those involved with online dating….and dating in general. Two words: Social Media.

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5 Innovative Vegan Products for 2017

20th March 2017

A part of getting into the vegan lifestyle is discovering alternative versions of pretty much everything. Alternative milks, “meats”, cheeses and desserts; as a collective, vegans prove to be quite resourceful. What I really appreciate is finding substitutes for things other than foods. So here’s a list of innovative and awesome Vegan products that aren’t food to buy in 2017!

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In it for the "Long Run"...

13th March 2017

A couple that exercises together, stays together. One rush of oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine, coming up! “Hack your Happy Chemicals”! (I love this phrase) these will be released when you are with your loved one as well as exercising. Working out together will not only strengthen your bodies but your partnership with smiles on your faces.

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The Vegan Easter Egg Hunt

6th March 2017

Easter is around the corner! A bane for many vegans around this time of year is whether things like the Easter eggs and hot cross buns are okay to eat. If we are truly honest, it’s all about the chocolate. So allow me to hook you up with a few suggestions.

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20th February 2017

Last week we had Valentine’s day. This week is you will have “ME-Day”. You should not feel guilty, especially if you’re a parent, over a little self-care every now and then. You work hard, you should relax harder…better?...more? My point is you need time to unwind to! Stress and Anxiety take a toll on your physical health as well as mental.

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My Vegan Valentine

13th February 2017

It’s Valentine’s day tomorrow! Are you still stuck for ideas or gifts for your S.O? Don’t worry I got you! Every year I try to get on top of buying gifts for these special holidays. And every year panic sets in for me. Even though I know that it’s not about the gift it’s the thought that counts. The other half of me says: “You must get the most perfect gift they have ever SEEN!” just because I love to see the joy on their face. The list of ideas I have put together are ones that can be tailored to suit your special someone.

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Profile Photo Frenzy

6th February 2017

Which photo would best fit me? Will it get across the fact that I am a fun person who loves to socialise. But at the same time I do like a good night in watching an old film - that i’ve admittedly seen about a thousand times. But this doesn’t make me a couch potato, I love to do all kinds of activities as well as fitting my peaceful 5 minutes and...

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Dating Online Safety

30th January 2017

We’ve all heard the horror stories. When we connect with people online a lot of us often put our trust into the other person. BEWARE! Of course we aim to make your dating and connecting a safe, comfortable experience; but you too must take precautions. At the end of the day, what good is dating with no caution? Especially if you end up being stuffed into a trunk with a gem lettuce stuck in your mouth to keep you quiet. The number one thing to look out for when surfing the net is scammers. They lurk amongst the shadows of the internet. It makes no difference what kind of site it is. Therefore when you see the following signs; WARNING! WARNING! Be smart and be careful.

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Dating Profile Bio Help

23rd January 2017

Biographies are on a lot, if not ALL, of our social media nowadays. The importance of a good “About Me” description is on par with your choice of profile pictures. When writing them we often panic - I sure as hell did. Talking about yourself is often a feat many find difficult. There are so many approaches to creating something that we hope will interest others. The fear of failure, the anxiety of “is this good enough? Does it show who I am?”weighs heavily on you. But as all those “level 10” vegans out there know; everything is a process! Editing in this case is key.

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Gastro Globe-Trotting

9th January 2017

2017 is another year for us all to go and explore the world! With that in mind many of us are discouraged in going abroad in case we are unable to find places in which we can eat the food. This is an issue that I have also had to work around. I’m not an “I’ll just have the salad” or “just chips” every day of the week kind of girl. So here are 5 Cities you may not have believed were actually vegan friendly!

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2nd January 2017

A major thing that singles focus on in the New Year is that they must Must MUST find their “One”. It tends to become a resolution. Well, New Years resolutions suck. They really do. I don’t know about you but I’ve only ever been able to stick to one. And that was because I watched a gross video on why you shouldn’t bite your nails that has scarred me for life. But I digress. So instead of labeling it as a resolution I set flexible goals. I think about what I would like to achieve this year and if I make it then that’s awesome. If I don’t achieve it that’s okay too, just as long as I’ve tried to work towards it. Finding your partner is similar.

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Reject the UK’s fiver

19th December 2016

If you haven’t already heard, the UK’s new £5 note contains Tallow. Tallow is a substance usually rendered from cow’s fat and can be found in candles as well. Recently there has been a mass outcry from many different communities within the UK opposing the use of animal fat in the new five pounds notes. These communities include Sikhs, Hindus, Vegetarians and Vegans and they have come together with this petition, reaching nearly 132,000 signatures demanding that the Bank of England ceases to use animal fat in the production of currency.

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4 Vegan Winter Date Ideas to have a (Snow)ball of a Time!

12th December 2016

It’s snow joke how many people tend to fuss over wanting to go or do something different on a date. After all, you want to make every moment with your potential someone count. Winters can be date-killers. The bitter breezes can force you to stay inside. But hey, with a little bit of tweaking, winters can be romantic!

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Craving company with that kale?

5th December 2016

At KaleDate our mission is to connect vegans worldwide to help find their match. Within our blog we will be discussing topics such as how to attract the right person for you and how to create a strong relationship foundation. As well as more fun topics like exciting date ideas during the summer or what delicious things you can make for your Valentine. We want to help you as much as possible along your match finding journey.

For dating is one of life’s adventures in which we enjoy or are just sick of having to play the same game over and over. It’s that clichéd rollercoaster analogy where we know it’s gonna have some good ol’ high points but....what goes up must come down. What’s worse is then having to navigate which “rollercoaster” is going to happily snack on some leafy greens rather than any vegans living nightmare of whatever’s in the meat/eggs and dairy section of the supermarket.

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Planting the Seed! - KaleDate's beginnings

28th November 2016

It’s just been a little over 2 month after KaleDate's release and the initial response has been tremendous! Over 1000 vegans have already registered. Many have even come forward to promote KaleDate for free. We are overwhelmed by all the love!

We promise to take things to a whole new level in the coming months. Our Android and iOS app have just been released.

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