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9th January 2017

2017 is another year for us all to go and explore the world! With that in mind many of us are discouraged in going abroad in case we are unable to find places in which we can eat the food. This is an issue that I have also had to work around. I’m not an “I’ll just have the salad” or “just chips” every day of the week kind of girl. So here are 5 Cities you may not have believed were actually vegan friendly!

Vienna (Austria)
Within Austria the health and wellbeing movement is strong. Many consumers are on the hunt for a diet considered all-natural. Wholefoods sales have augmented in the last year. This has led to the consumer base becoming aware of food intolerance's ie. dairy. THIS MEANS, my vegan lovelies, that restaurateurs and cafes alike are catering towards vegan diets. It’s a becoming a hub of compassion and health.
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Seoul (Korea)
The land famed for their barbecue and seafood but fear not! Due to the vegan diet trending worldwide there have been places opening up to cater towards our needs. Buddhism is a dominant religion in South Korea. There are usually a lot of veg options at most eateries as they tend to follow a strict vegetarian diet . There are many great places to eat at in Seoul. You just need to know where to look! Get onto social media (ie. Facebook) and check out blogs of the vegan veterans in Korea. Awesome Tip: have an “I do not eat dairy, eggs, seafood or meat” written down in hangul to avoid any confusion!
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Ankara (Turkey)
Turkey offers a varied diet. There are many renowned vegetarian restaurants that happily cater to Vegans. Food options for us are not scarce here! Things like couscous, falafels and hummus are everywhere. You just have to be aware of yoghurt products which are used throughout dressings and sauces. Instead of dairy, to help control spiciness, opt for more fresh or starch ingredients such as tomatoes or pulses!
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Taipei (Taiwan)
Lacto and Ovo products are rarely used in Tawainese cuisine. When they are, they tend to be an add on and will have to be paid for. This means that most Vegetarian food turns out to be vegan. People that travel to the city of Taipei describe their experience as “easy” or “a beacon of veganism”. So it’s no surprise that it has the largest population of vegans in the world. As well as over 6,000 vegetarian restaurants. Another pro for Taiwan is that their food labeling laws are strict due to the high vegetarian / vegan populous. Everything is on the label!
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Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Rio has been voted as one of the best places to visit as a vegetarian. Of course curious vegans have made their way there. They've come to discover that it’s quite accommodating for us too! With just a few key phrases, you know the usual; you can make it around Rio in one piece. You can even travel along the coast whilst you are visiting. There are many more restaurants to visit in Ipanema. Sun, sea, and eats!
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