In it for the "Long Run"...

13th March 2017

A couple that exercises together, stays together. One rush of oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine, coming up! “Hack your Happy Chemicals”! (I love this phrase) these will be released when you are with your loved one as well as exercising. Working out together will not only strengthen your bodies but your partnership with smiles on your faces.
A few moves to get the blood flowing and you two going; you will need a medicine ball and resistance bands for a few of the sets.


HOW TO: “Partner A holds a forearm plank throughout this move. Begin in a forearm plank with shoulders directly above elbows, hands parallel (or clasped to make it easier). Keep core tight, back straight, and hips level. Feet can be a few inches apart. B will stand at A's feet and, using both feet, jump laterally over A's ankles (to the right). Land lightly on toes and immediately jump back (to the left) as quickly as possible. Repeat for 30 seconds, then switch roles.”


HOW TO: “Stand facing your partner at arm’s length, feet slightly wider than hip width, grasping each other's forearms. Maintaining a secure grip, lower into a squat by sending hips back, bending both knees equally, and keeping core tight. Hold for a moment, then slowly return to starting position. Repeat for 10 to 12 reps.”


HOW TO: “Both partners lie faceup, knees bent, feet flat on the floor with ankles overlapping. Partner A holds the ball with extended arms overhead. Contract abs and sit up, bringing up arms and medicine ball to face partner. At the same time, Partner B also performs a sit-up without the ball. A hands B the medicine ball. As both partners lower, B takes the ball overhead to lightly tap it on the ground behind head before sitting up and passing the ball back to A.”


HOW TO: “Partner A holds both ends of the resistance band, with the loop hanging loosely behind body. Partner B will act as the anchor, holding the loop and stepping back until there is tension. From here, Partner A raises both hands to sides of body, elbows bent 90 degrees so elbows, biceps, and forearms are parallel to the ground. For balance, she can step right foot forward into a slight lunge. With core tight and a slight bend in the right knee, Partner A pushes forward, fully extending both arms, then slowly bends at the elbows to return to start. Repeat for 8 to 12 reps, then switch roles.”


HOW TO: “Consider this your go-to partner move. Partners will hold a high plank, head-to-head with about one foot between them throughout. From high plank, both partners lift right hand and reach toward the opposite shoulder on their partner. Replace right hand, and as quickly as possible, repeat on the left side. Repeat as quickly as possible for 8 to 12 reps, or 30 seconds.”

The best thing about exercise, except from the physical and mental payoff, is that food ends up just tasting better, am I right!? When you’re so hungry you may just result to eating that mint that rolled under the sofa that time. But BOOM! pre-meditation can help you with this. Make your post workout meal beforehand so you can nom away straight after.
Have Fun!

Koro Lopez
PR Manager

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