My Vegan Valentine

13th February 2017

It’s Valentine’s day tomorrow! Are you still stuck for ideas or gifts for your S.O? Don’t worry I got you! Every year I try to get on top of buying gifts for these special holidays. And every year panic sets in for me. Even though I know that it’s not about the gift it’s the thought that counts. The other half of me says: “You must get the most perfect gift they have ever SEEN!” just because I love to see the joy on their face. The list of ideas I have put together are ones that can be tailored to suit your special someone.

The Classic cook a meal. You can get inspiration from VeganChefTV who post some delicious and impressive (but easy) recipes. To bring the mood from meal to amour bask in the ambience created by soft music and Candle light. (Some candles aren’t vegan, so make sure to buy Soy Candles such as these by ‘Scents Within Candles’ which are handmade and full of love).

Be cute! Order something matching like these Couple Pajamas then stay in and marathon entertainment with vegan themes ie Free Willy (1993) or Brother Bear (2003). This gift will be a symbol of how you are just two peas in a pod.

Passion through Paper; Fold your way into being loved with these little Origami Hearts. You can write little cute messages inside them about what you love about your other half. You could even make their favourite little paper animal as a bonus.

Favourite goodies, order a Vegan Tuck Box of their most beloved snacks, sweets and chocolates. Now they know that YOU KNOW the way to their heart. Pernagotti chocolate with hazelnuts is a personal favourite of mine! Just in case you needed a specific suggestion, it’s delicious.

Share an experience! Just like your partner. Pieces of jewellery or craft that represent them in your eyes are instantly treasured. Yes, jewellery is a classic Valentine option but to express a deeper intimacy you can select an original piece. Created through a labour of love such as the statements by Keralu Jewellery can flaunt your romantic side as well as be ethically sound. No “Blood Diamonds” here!

Here’s the plan: Now you’ve read this varied list of ideas that overload on the love meter you will pick out your favourite (or look for similar items). Since next day delivery may not be a possibility you can write or print out one of these little IOU Notes to tell your S.O. that you love them but their gift is still on the way.

Koro Lopez
PR Manager

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