Profile Photo Frenzy

6th February 2017

“Which photo would best fit me? Will it get across the fact that I am a fun person who loves to socialise. But at the same time I do like a good night in watching an old film - that i’ve admittedly seen about a thousand times. But this doesn’t make me a couch potato, I love to do all kinds of activities as well as fitting my peaceful 5 minutes and...” if this is you; Stop panicking! Displays picture are important because an image is worth a thousand words; which is why we are here to lend you a hand. But there’s no need to put so much pressure on yourself. Trendy ways to take a photo have swept our social media for a while now. “Smizing”. “Fish Gape”. “Strong Brow Game” (~ is very female orientated one). Duck face may be out but a good angle, bright lighting and a fantastic smile is always a winner – no matter the gender. So here are 8 golden Photo Facts to help make you the apple of someone’s eye.

People are 45% more likely to talk to you if you have a display picture of you genuinely smiling.

Represent a passion of yours in a photo! It will get you up to three times the attention because it will peak mutual interests or curiosity.

Age is something you can’t change. Attractiveness is what counts so don’t fret if you feel like you look “too old”.

Candid Vs Posed.….And the winner is CANDID. Statistics show that you receive 2 times the amount of messages because of it.

To make your face look small and doll-like eyes the most attractive angle is a slight high angle above your head with eyes looking into the camera.

For those of you on a new level of cool, looking away from the camera with a charismatic smile gets the most thumbs up.

Try to not have friends in the photo with you. If someone is perceived more attractive than you then you will receive 80% fewer messages.

Background MATTERS! No Bathroom, No “Luxury” Cars. Also No Clutter is the best clutter!

So I leave you to go out and post the best you so that you can find that good apple you’ve been waiting for. One final tip: In general having 3 photos (no more, no less) is the best balance for your profile! ~ Good Luck.

Koro Lopez
PR Manager

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